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What do the terms mysticism and metaphysics mean?


The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines mysticism as "a spiritual quest for hidden truth or wisdom, the goal of which is union with the divine or sacred." In simple terms, mysticism can be defined as a discipline or way of life, the goal of which is to experience as all-inclusively as possible, the source of all reality. This source has variously been called God, the Cosmic, the Divine, the Sacred, the One, the Unity and many more besides. The Rosicrucian system of instruction presupposes that everyone can have immediate, personal union with this reality, and everyone has this potential connection available to them and merely needs to learn how to use it. The Rosicrucian teachings are structured specifically to allow the student to comfortably and safely explore this connection without the need for religious dogma or blind faith.


The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines metaphysics as "a philosophical study whose object is to determine the real nature of things." From the ancient Greek language it means "what comes after physics." Metaphysics therefore deals with matters falling beyond our present understanding of science. It also examines things falling outside the scope of the physical senses; things such as intuition, psychic experiences, spiritual healing, astral travel, aura perception, telepathy, etc. And wherever possible, it provides plausible though not scientifically rigorous explanations as to how these processes work, as well as what their ultimate nature and purpose is.

The Rosicrucian Order incorporates both mysticism and metaphysics as part of its regular curriculum, and explains many subtle details not covered elsewhere.


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