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What does the Rosicrucian Order teach?

Members of the Rosicrucian Order are able to achieve their highest potential in all areas of life…, physical, intellectual, artistic, psychic, spiritual and more. The studies broaden the existing five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing through the stimulation and awakening of psychic analogues of these senses, which in the majority of people remain dormant throughout life and are rarely used. Through the Order’s teachings, you will gain a detailed understanding of mysticism, and will be encouraged to study and apply a broad range of disciplines like psychology, parapsychology, comparative religion and philosophy, psychic and spiritual healing, creative visualisation, aura perception, etc., as well as metaphysics, a body of non-rigorous scientific knowledge which has yet to be fully modelled by scientific theory, but which has nevertheless been used on a practical level by Rosicrucians for centuries.

Although some topics are dealt with by conventional education systems, several areas are only now beginning to be dealt with by mainstream academic institutions. Most notable of these topics are psychic healing, parapsychology and metaphysics. Some of the "non-scientific" topics the Order deals with will now be highlighted, though these examples are not exhaustive by any means:-

Personal Health: The development of a personal path to better health is stressed from the outset through the application of tried and tested techniques of psychic self-healing, specialised relaxation techniques and the proper use of breathing. With greater health comes greater stamina, an enhanced flow of life energy, and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

The Intuitive Faculty: Development of the so-called "intuitive faculty" is powerfully stressed in the Order’s teachings. Intuition is a human faculty which augments and extends the perceptive ranges of the five physical senses. The result is a far deeper experience of life and the ability to see through the outer appearances of things and events in order to perceive their true underlying nature. Understanding the "essence" or true nature of all things and situations in life is of invaluable assistance to us in our efforts to evolve.

Learning to Meditate: Meditation is used as an aid to self-healing and general psychological well-being. Though meditation has been used for many thousands of years by the elite and most learned of all major religions..., far from being an inherently religious and sectarian practice, it is a process which can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of belief. Among the many benefits of regular meditation are poise, balance and competence in one’s actions, as well as a sense of peace, well-being, intellectual acuity, and higher levels of achievement in all areas.

Learning to Visualise: The Rosicrucian Order also stresses the effective use of the technique of visualisation as a tool for the achievement of one’s goals in life. Every endeavour begins with a plan of sorts. The clearer the plan, and the clearer the visualisation of the final outcome of one’s endeavour, the greater are the chances of complete success.

In addition, there are certain values that Rosicrucians support in everything they do: freedom of thought and belief, tolerance of the thoughts and beliefs of others, accepting responsibility for one's own actions..., these are central to the Rosicrucian way of life. Membership in the Order offers the student access to a truly vast storehouse of knowledge, a source of accumulated wisdom that is as old as humanity itself. Every person with an open mind and a sincere, positive motive, can benefit from this knowledge, and the Rosicrucian Order shows its members in detail how to accomplish this.

The teachings do not attempt to dictate what one should think or believe. They are merely markers delineating a well trodden path of progress to peace, happiness and fulfilment in life, that many men and women of the past have taken and stayed with throughout their lives. Some of the greatest personalities of the past benefited from the life philosophy of Rosicrucians of their time. The exemplary manner in which some of these Rosicrucians led their lives, lends credence to the teachings that the Order has to offer today.

The Rosicrucian Order does not propose a belief system with creeds or dogmas. On the contrary, it demands that each member establish a personal philosophy of life based on the best and least selfish thoughts they are capable of. From the Order, each member learns how to carve out a personally satisfying, practical approach to life, an approach that is refined and perfected through the rest of life. All students are taught to take personal responsibility for their life experiences, and learn to master their actions through direct, daily experiences of learning. They learn to think for themselves and discover how to draw upon the higher knowledge already within them.

What the Order provides are the tools and techniques necessary for ordinary people to accomplish this.


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