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What makes the Rosicrucian Order different from "New Age" groups?

There are hundreds of "new-age" groups, some of them doing good work in the advancement of humanity and its realisation of higher ideals and standards of behaviour. The vast majority of these groups however, focus on relatively narrow areas of study, usually only a single issue or topic. Some concern themselves exclusively with health and physical well-being; others offer one form or other of spiritual attunement; others focus on the development of psychic powers; and yet others are concerned almost exclusively with the augmentation of one’s mental powers for the attainment of personal prosperity.

The Rosicrucian curriculum guides the member towards finding a finely tuned balance between the many different aspects of the human psyche. The physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic and spiritual needs are all taken into account and the student is guided towards finding that unique "sweet spot" in life where true happiness and serenity becomes the norm rather than a rare exception. Emphasis is therefore placed on demonstrating the interconnectedness of all things and the need to find that special, unique balance between them. A clear understanding of the natural laws governing our lives in the physical, mental, psychic and spiritual areas of experience, leads one to true prosperity and peace of mind. Although parts of the Rosicrucian curriculum originate from the highest teachings of a wide range of philosophies and religions, a significant proportion of these teachings cannot be found anywhere else and are exclusively Rosicrucian in origin and practice. Its philosophy and techniques of inner development have been developed over centuries of trial and error from the combined efforts of many great minds.

Freedom of thought is encouraged and there is no specific code of belief or conduct that must be followed. Extremes of behaviour and thought are discouraged for the simple reason that nothing of lasting value ever arises from such extremes. An old Rosicrucian motto which is true in virtually all circumstances is that lasting and beneficial change comes about only through genuine, slow and careful evolution, and very seldom occurs through the wrenching experiences of revolution. A consequence of this approach is that nothing is ever forced on anyone, and the Order never expects any person to accept what it says purely on the basis of blind faith.


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